Things to Consider Before Buying a Juicer

There are very many juicers in the market. However no brand is actually the same and the best for a person’s kind of lifestyle should be used to work best, whether it’s for ensuring that they are still staying healthy or for losing weight. In this regard there are usually a number of things a person has to look into before settling with a specific type of juicer.

Use of the juicer

Ultimately the use of juicer should be the most important thing that should be looked into when looking at different juicers. If the juicer is for fruits only, then one suitable for that should be chosen. On the other hand if the juicer if for both fruits vegetables and other things that should be considered before making a choice.

Frequency of use in any setting

If the juicer id being purchased to be used on a daily basis. A juicer with a powerful horse power, together with lower energy consumption is ideal. On the other hand it should be easy to come off in pieces, as this health should not be taken little due to some areas not being able to be reached during cleaning.

Type of blades to be used

This comes in handy in when cleaning of the juicer should happen. The more complex the design of the blades, the more difficult it is to clean the juicer. Thus depending on the lifestyle of the buyer, one can consider a juicer with a design that is more favorable. However it is good to note that when a juicer has a more complex design blade, juicing happens very fast than when it’s a simpler design of 3 blades.


Pricing is one of the most important things that a person should look into before buying a juicer. This is for the simple reason that affordability is a must, as something out of reach will only bring a lot of wastage of money. Looking at it capacity and the amount of fruits and vegetables should be priority to establish if the juicer is worth the price in question.

Power of the juicer

Generally this is the horse power of the juicer. This usually comes handy as it will determine the amount of power used in when the juicer is on. On the other hand when it comes to time, a high powered juicer will definitely use in a less time than a juicer with a lower horse power.

Life of the juicer

Life of the juicer is definitely one thing that everyone should look into before buying a juicer. This is for the simple reason that one usually wants to buy in juicers that will last them for a number of years before a new one is needed. On the other hand when looking at the life cycle of a juicer, its price should also be looked in closely as it will generally determine what kind of a juicer it will be like. Looking on at other reviews before buying a juicer will also help in the decision making.