The PCOS and its causes.

PCOS stands for polycystic ovary syndrome and affects most of the women in their middle ages. The symptoms of this disease are the hard formations inside the ovary, which although may not be easily seen, could actually be fingered. These cysts aren’t just there, but actually pay, sometimes even without reason, so the antibiotics and pain relievers are highly recommended.

PCSO is mostly being caused by bad genetics. When you have ancestors with similar problems, you will 69% likely to have the PCSO symptoms. Any history of cysts in any part of the body could be a sign that there is something wrong with genetics, hence if you have this valuable information, you can actually work out with your gynecologist and come up with the right treatment.

The other reason of developing vaginal cysts is improper diet and lack of sexual activity. So these who become fat and don’t sex have about 3 times more likelihood for developing this disease. For prevention it is recommended to masturbate daily; however, if the cysts are already developed, the masturbation is a no-no contradiction!

The pcos treatment can actually be classified into two methods. The first method, which is being mostly advocated by traditional doctors is the surgery. Although it effectively removes the cysts, it has a number of disadvantages against its use. The first disadvantage surgical treatment is that it’s quite difficult to remove the cysts from inside the vaginal tubes. This difficulty results in high cost and also high risk of vaginal bleeding. Another disadvantage of surgery is that cysts have a tendency to come back. A normal relief period could be anywhere between 1 and 5 years, depending on many different factors.

Another method is more natural. It would encourage to do massive physical exercises and first of all cardio exercises in order to reduce the excessive weight. As the weight starts to normalize, you could also take different dietary supplements. Among the best supplements you could use the natural algae like spirulina, chlorella or wheatgrass. All of them are proven to remove cysts, though it will actually take time. If you have choice, it’s better to buy around 1 kilo supplies for each of these supplements, otherwise taking anything less may once again be not very effective for treatment of PCOS. Although this method would cost much less and would be completely non-invasive, it will require some effort in diet and exercise as well as a bit of patience.